Stress. Deal With It!

Jul 31, 2017

Stress is popular.  It has been trained into us since we were crying for our binky.  It makes us feel important and purposeful.  Most of us are addicted to the chemistry effects in our bodies, so we ignore the compounding effect it has on our life.  Here are a few reminders on how to get a hold of it, so you can think clearly and plan that vacation. 

  • Belly breathing.  Get on your back if you can or just hold your hands in the air and take 6 deep breaths.  Go into a bathroom stall if necessary.  Make sure your belly area is filling up like a balloon while your inhale, then count to ten while you exhale.  There is a VAGAS nerve below your diaphragm that releases calming serotonin stored in your gut; use it, and get your brain back. Kids love this too!
  • Use "The Elijah Chair" method.  That's right, put all the stress you feel into an imaginary "friend" and sit him in the chair in your...
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