Stress. Deal With It!

Jul 31, 2017

Stress is popular.  It has been trained into us since we were crying for our binky.  It makes us feel important and purposeful.  Most of us are addicted to the chemistry effects in our bodies, so we ignore the compounding effect it has on our life.  Here are a few reminders on how to get a hold of it, so you can think clearly and plan that vacation. 

  • Belly breathing.  Get on your back if you can or just hold your hands in the air and take 6 deep breaths.  Go into a bathroom stall if necessary.  Make sure your belly area is filling up like a balloon while your inhale, then count to ten while you exhale.  There is a VAGAS nerve below your diaphragm that releases calming serotonin stored in your gut; use it, and get your brain back. Kids love this too!
  • Use "The Elijah Chair" method.  That's right, put all the stress you feel into an imaginary "friend" and sit him in the chair in your cubicle.  Sound crazy?  This is a popular and useful tactic used professionally to deal with stress and anxiety.  Close your eyes for a few minutes and imagine all the stress leaving your body and give it to your buddy.  Don't panic, you can have it all back whenever you want, but for at least ten minutes, keep all that stress in the chair and notice how different your body feels. 
  • Comedy.  Any idea why all those cat videos are so popular?  Stress relief!  Five minutes of fun can clear your mind for one hour.  Have some fun with this.  Prank a friend who likes to be pranked; think of something really funny that will be talked about for years.  Even if you don't actually do it, it will give your brain enough distraction to lift your stress long enough to see straight.  I say do it!
  • Sitting is the new smoking.  Set your timer and get out of that chair at a pure minimum of every 50 minutes and stick to it!  Take a quick walk down the hall or if you have access to stairs, get going!  Circulation is everything.  A couple of quick stretches will spread the love and make it last longer.  Free your mind Neo!
  • Gratitude.  Pick up the phone and call someone you love.  Tell them how much you appreciate them.  This magically takes the focus off of you. Too much?  Okay, then call them to say hi - they'll get the message.  Can't call?  No problem.  Write down five things you are most thankful for in your job or in your family life.  Be specific.  If you tear up, all the better.

We all know that disease is caused by "dis-ease" yet most of us are in denial that stress will actually manifest sickness in our own body.  Look around, it happens.  Stress causes over eating, heart disease, high cholesterol, energy loss, magnified anxiety, car accidents and relationship failure.  The great news is, we can manage it with just a little effort feathered into our day.  You are your most important commodity.  Or like I tell my husband - "You are no good to us dead."  Enjoy your cat video.

Written by Penny Sisley @