How Can I Stick to a Meditation Ritual For Good?

Oct 26, 2020
Energy body work is not always what people think.  Sometimes it's bliss, in fact, bliss is the prize, but it can also feel too deep, grungy or like


It takes solid courage to sit with ourselves, and put it all out there day after day, never knowing what will bubble up.  

So why do it? Why should we keep trying?

Well, because when that grungy stuff comes up in meditation it's saying, "Hey!  I finally feel safe enough to leave your body!"  This is a whole lot better than an unexpected day visit from "Yuck" to wreak havoc, and blanket our whole life with an intense prickly lens - without good timing, our control or permission; and God help our loved ones.
Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others.  ~Aristotle 

Something peeps don't realize about the bigness of meditation is that meditation is, with commitment, a way we burn away bad karma, and not just for ourselves, but for the many lives of our soul, for our family, the world, and for past generations who, by the way, hop aboard and take flight hoping they can achieve freedom through us.  No wonder we resist, it's a big responsibility.
It can feel overwhelming to sit in our own head with our negative ego, the bully, and the never ending chattering brain.  The negative ego does not want us to meditate.  It fears we will find out the truth.  The truth that there is a magical life force that exists inside of us, that can take care of everything we can imagine in our life, if we would just sit with it and grow our attention to it every day.  This life force is called many things.  I call it "The Observer".   
"The Observer," is hidden in text right in front of us, in every enlightened book or quote (see blog photo) we have ever read.  It is no secret, we just have to meditate for a while on order to understand the references.  Our consciousness needs to grow, then when we are ready we will see this ancient light that has been with us since the beginning of the evolution of our soul.  It is the most beautiful reward for a life of meditation.

So yes, I meditate a lot, and it's hard sometimes, but I cannot think of a better way to start my morning than to give myself away to evolution, my family, humanity, and freedom.  I also know that when it gets hard, I'm taken care of and supported.  When our honest intention is to align with the higher part of ourselves, life works out for the better.
So what does "better" look like?  Well, if your alarm doesn't wake you up when it's important, then a bird will squawk loudly next to your window, or your dream will give you a good startle to get you up.  Or when a situation is going to be bad for you, your car won't start just to save you the bigger hassle.  The ones I love have to do with food.  Hungry?  It's amazing how many people show up with food for us when we're hungry!  As our alignment and trust grow, life gets easier and easier in mysterious ways. 
Never think meditation is passive.  Unconsciously we know this, and that's why we put it off.  It is powerful to sit in a space of vulnerability, and it can also be scary, so don't beat yourself up for avoiding it, but do please understand that it gets easier with practice, just like running, public speaking, or learning to walk for the first time.  
Here are a few ideas to help you win:
The next time you want to commit to a meditation ritual, and connect with your true self, eventually, but find yourself swimming against the current, call or ZOOM a good friend and meditate together for ten minutes.  Set yourself up to win and get some support going.
Seed your brain.  When you want to commit to a meditation ritual every day, don't.  Instead, take one week and write in your journal each day.  Write all the reasons, benefits, life changes you want to receive from meditation.  Write, repeat, write, repeat.  Focus on the positives to help your subconscious mind win the fight with the negative ego, who is holding you back.
Use music while you write.  Sound is the language of the Universe, and it will help sooth the procrastination, as well as give your chattering mind something to focus on besides chiding you. 
Repeat under your breath, or in your mind:  Aham Brahmasmi, I am the Universe, while you write, cook, drive, or do anything really.  Whisper it in any moment you become aware of it.  Whatever we focus on grows, so focusing on your big picture will seed your future desire to commit to meditating. 
After a week of music, positive writing, and support, your desire will win because that is how the subconscious mind works.  Feed your mind, seed the subconscious, and grow your desire. Action has no choice but to act!
Meditation is worth fighting for and procrastination is a disguise for fear.  The reason we don't meditate is not because we are lazy, non committal or lack ability.  It's because there is an internal war going on between the conscious and the subconscious.  Even though it's intimidating to face our negative ego, there's no better fight to win on this planet.  Finding and connecting with our "Observer," leads us to pure bliss, and that is worth the daily struggle.
Gifts that come with this bliss of finding the "Observer" are unlimited, but to name a few to sink into:
1- Imagine for a moment that timing and synchronicity begin to work entirely in your favor.  Imagine yourself trusting so completely that if something we want doesn't happen, that it is because we are being protected, or something better is meant for us.
2 - Knowing so totally and completely that life is a cycle, and absolutely nothing needs to be taken personally. Nothing, zero, zip.
3 - Emotional problems work themselves out, because our chemistry begins to heal and reshape itself with regular meditation, and following the prompts.
4 - People who are not meant to be in our lives in a major way, who are also not good for us, simply fall away and find their own paths.  It's all good!
5 - We begin to understand the concept that all mistakes are good for us, because they teach us more about who we are, which is good for our big picture.
6 - When the chattering mind recedes, our hidden talents and desires begin to nudge us in unthinkable exciting ways!
7 - Beauty magnifies and fills our days with gratitude and appreciation.  We stop to smell the flowers, because we actually see that they are there to enjoy.  And the smell, oh goodness, is also amplified.
8 - We have better clarity.  This is my personal favorite!  We can see the forest through the trees again, like when we were little.  Things begin to be much more black and white, except in vibrant color. ;)
9 - Ideas flourish and now there's the action and confidence to see them through.
10 - And yes, money, success and abundance come when we have burned up all the negativity, and dump the resistance and worn out beliefs we stored inside of us.  We become translucent beings!  But what really falls at our feet is the bank of life, and the joy of living!
The treasures are endless, and worth even the smallest half baby step you can take to start meditating.  We were not abandoned here on this rock to fend for ourselves.  There is magic inside of each one of us.  All we need to do is have enough courage to look inside, listen, and follow our pure desire.  Joy is on the way!

Penny Sisley is a CHPC, a Life Coach, and a Mystic. She enjoys sharing hard earned, inspired wisdom, with anyone seeking a clear mind and a fresh outlook. It is her life’s joy to assist people in opening up their own power and bliss. When she’s not hanging with her Hubby and teen sons, or hosting Inspired Groups for Gals, you can find her reading a book in the backyard with her doggy, Sydney.