Meditation and the EPIC Crap Storm

Jul 18, 2020

What will a two hour daily meditation ritual accomplish? Will we finally understand who we are, or will we add yet another way to escape to our arsenal?

Last December I began. There was pain. There was anger and resentment too, but for once in my life it felt useful. I didn’t have to understand these feelings to burn them up. I’ve done my time in therapy. I threw worn out thoughts into the meditation furnace, and used them to catapult me forward. I had had enough. 

This now six month guided stint turned me into an observer of human consciousness. What??? It means we can sink into our heart instantly, hook into real reality, and feel at peace in the middle of a pandemic, hate, riots, prejudice, fear, politics, blame, economic failure and ego.

Peace in the middle of HELL? I thought only celibate Monks who meditated all day could get to that place.

I found the silent, non thinking “knowing” that exists within all of us. We have access to it any time, any where. This knowing is also called the true self, the observer, or the source of I AM. We find it explained in all the great books we’ve read. It’s hiding right in front of us until we’re ready to see it. It’s hard to describe, but it feels something like this:

“I am not a human being that has consciousness, I am consciousness that is shaped into a human being.” ~Jim Carrey

Anyone can create this “Observing” evolution with enough desire and patience, because we all have the ability to go inside and turn off the chattering brain. A peaceful, uncluttered mind is powerful.

The “knowing” is flexible in time and space. It doesn’t play by the same rules us physical bodied humans follow. “It” knew what was going down in our world, and it started preparing me almost two years ago. Think about those life saving moments you’ve had. The aha moments. We’ve all had them. When something goes our way when it was impossible, it’s not luck, it’s an ability to manipulate time and situation. It’s the Observer helping us out, and that observer is in you.

If you need science, then I am your Petri dish. Don’t believe it? Take it for a test drive and document your experience. Get on with that clip board. :)

The single most important thing I learned from this meditation experiment is not experiencing myself as a cosmic being having a human experience, though that’s pretty damn cool, but that walking on this earth is a HELL OF A LOT EASIER when we are connected to the source of our power, and understand who we really are, but especially, who we are not.

We are not the personalities we’ve adopted. We are not limited by our physicality. Our biggest mistake is the way we trap ourselves with a web of knowledge, thinking, this is who I am, look at me, I’m so important; rather than understanding that our simple ability to embrace our own ignorance keeps us boundless and free. It keeps us open to expansion. This is why we applaud people who change. They prove to us that the Universe is malleable. They prove what we know deep inside, that we are malleable.

Here’s another bonus in hooking into Real Reality: with regular practice we pull in synchronicity, perfect situations, perfect solutions, and abundance into our lives. We either allow these boons or we block them. We are doing one or the other right now.

We choose. It’s always us. We choose.

This is why the greats throughout history spend their lives shouting from the mountain top, long after they need financial gain.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ~Aristotle 

“Wisdom begins in wonder.” ~Socrates

“You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe.” ~Oprah

I like to think they imagine a world where all people own their power, and understand that violence, greed, and hate are a complete waste of time and totally unnecessary. When we know who we really are, and access the clarity and knowing within us, we shift from little me into powerful US. We evolve.

Now, I imagine that too. 

Yes, it’s wonderful to meditate for two hours a day, but it’s not necessary. Twenty minutes will do, or walking meditation is easy and wonderful — I’ll get to that. It is on the whole, our intention that matters most here.

 Meditation is not hard; not knowing who we really are is hard.

In “walking meditation,” we simply breath love into our hearts and observe the storm rather than becoming the storm. We maintain a sort of blessed distance and exist between thoughts. We are able to witness our life with a birds eye view. If you can do that while you shop, pump gas, work, cook, clean and drive, then your life just got made, because living in this truth, from the observer’s perspective, always changes our lives for the better, because it gets easier, even if it’s uncomfortable at first. It’s another boon.

How will my life change? At first nothing changes, and everything changes. It’s kind of like falling in love. 

From this space we see differently. I see you. I see your heart, I see your suffering, your light, your own personal mission even if it looks crazy from a limited human perspective, and I see your internal beauty. I am no longer looking at you through a dysfunctional society filter, unconsciously trying to get my own needs met. I have no ulterior motive, and see you not as an uncomfortable mirror of me, but as your own Divine Human doing your damnedest to be your best, which varies day to day. I see you and I say BRAVO. 

I’m not special, no one is. I just meditate and ask for guidance. And that brings me joy and direction in the middle of an EPIC crap storm on this planet. 

Penny Sisley is a CHPC, a Life Coach, and a Mystic. She enjoys sharing hard earned, inspired wisdom, with anyone seeking a clear mind and a fresh outlook. It is her life’s joy to assist people in opening up their own power and bliss. When she’s not hanging with her Hubby and teen sons, or hosting Inspired Groups for Gals, you can find her reading a book in the backyard with her doggy, Sydney.