The most important thing we can do is develop our intuition, and learn to listen to it in each moment...


How is Your Filter?

We all have a filter inside our mind that interprets the world as we see it. Two people having the exact same situation, can have entirely different experiences, and therefor outcomes. How is your filter? Do you have beautiful experiences or thoughts only to have negative images and feelings rain on your parade? It's common! That's our subconscious mind trying to protect us! Do you want to feel organically at peace most of the time, and have been saying positive affirmations, yet they really never seem to land in your heart for any length of time? This is how most people experience positive affirmations! Here's the secret, we all have energy centers centers in our bodies; if we are blocked up at an energetic level, then the positive affirmations are incongruent with our cellular memory. Let's get you cleared on an emotional level, and a metaphysical level, so you can experience true bliss no matter what you are doing. Bliss comes from a cleared filter, not from outside circumstances. I'm so glad you are here, and I hope you trust your intuition enough to check out our Meetup, or sign up for a complimentary mini session. If you are nervous, then that's a good sign! :)

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At Advanced Life Mastery we realize personal growth is individual.  If after you have signed up for any of our CHPC courses, and you are not feeling it after your first session, then we are happy to refund your money, hassle free.


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