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What Will Energy Work and CHPC do For Me?

Sometimes we get stuck even though we seem to be working hard and doing everything right.

What most people don’t realize is that our success, balance and bliss come from having a clear energy body, and from being aligned with the truth of our own nature.

That doesn’t mean a person cannot obtain areas of success, because they can, but often what happens is that other important areas in life suffer. 

Relationships, connection, balance, our ability to give as well as our ability to receive can all get stagnate, go haywire or both.  We find ourselves waking up with an uneasy feeling that clouds our days until one day it becomes unbearable.   I have some good news here: Your path is calling.  Joy is calling.

Our true nature is joy! 

In our work together we will use Eastern Philosophy, mantras and mudras to cleanse your seven main energy centers located in your body along your spine.  These energy centers are called chakras.

Did you know we have 72,000 energy centers, also known as nadis, located all over our bodies?   

Now imagine for a moment, all of those nadis being influenced by daily negative self-talk, negative stories, unresolved trauma and uncomfortable life situations.   Not very empowering, right?  Now imagine 72,000 energy centers buzzing with energy, cleansed and filled with your attention, intention and love?   Now that’s a party!

For your session we will get you cleared up and humming again.  We will “see” what valuable intuitive wisdom comes up, and let you know your next most valuable steps. 

Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.  Vincent Van Gogh

High Performance Coaching is feeling inspired and capable while you discover the next level of your personal best.  You will begin a new exciting road of figuring out your dreams while you march confidently toward them.   

"You create your own universe as you go along."  Winston Churchill

CHPC will help you acquire skills, mental and physical habits to have energy, to feel courageous, and to be persuasive and influential.  Together we will discard worn out thought patterns that have held you back, while we embrace your highest potential.

"A rising tide lifts all boats - one habit lifts all others."  Brendon Burchard

What would your life feel like if you knew without a doubt that you would be successful?  What would you do?  Why?  What determines your success?  Happiness?  Money?  We will discover the underlying motivations that inspire you, and empower you to make courageous choices and necessary discoveries.

The CHPC curriculum I offer is tested number 1 in the world, is backed by science, and has a 92% success rate - highest proven results world wide.

I offer a 12-48 session intensive program combining these two powerful mediums.  We meet once a week via a ZOOM on-line conference.  There is weekly homework to help you dive deeper, and after each session I'll send you a wrap up email to keep you moving forward into your dreams.

Still not sure?  Sign up and if you are not happy after your 2nd session is complete, for whatever reason, then ask for your money back.  It's okay.

Now ALSO offering live appointments for Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing. (See home page)

I communicate with your body while we go on an investigative journey through cranial pulses, and find your most important blockages to release. Remember, in holistic health the most important issues come up first to heal, and not always in the order we think.

Schedule an appt. so we can get started on your healing journey together. 

Click the button above and we’ll start your journey towards clarity and bliss!  You deserve to step in the directions of your dreams, and Energy Coaching/CHPC might just be the the missing link your soul is craving.  I’m excited for you!  Let’s get started!



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