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I use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), as a powerful tool to assist clients in clearing negative patterns so they can sustain new found levels of personal fulfillment and success.

EFT is a medium that exercises tapping on specific points of the body to acknowledge and release mental, physical and emotional stress. 

It is an easy tool to learn, and is easily accessible anytime you need stress relief, or a boost of confidence.

Using EFT alone or combined with High Performance Coaching, are both available options.

EFT options can be discussed during a  "Life Me Up!" session.  

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High Performance Life Coaching

As a Certified High Performance Life Coach, I focus on meaningful life centers with my clients such as clear thinking, health, energy, influence, courage, productivity and purpose.  In our work together, we engage with daily thoughts, life skills and habits to fuel fresh insight and commitment.  Through this process, we uncover the next level of vision, focus and enthusiasm. 

I offer a 12 week intensive, where we go on a transformational journey and discover your next, most inspiring steps.  

Sessions  can take place remotely, via phone or internet for your convenience.  For local clients, sessions can also be held from my home office.

We are located in San Jose, CA.,+CA+95118/@37.2523262,-121.9249674,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x808e33ee32268705:0x199a8febf8667adb!8m2!3d37.2589827!4d-121.8847222

Do you have questions, or want to schedule some time??  Schedule a complimentary Life Coaching session by hitting the button below. 

You can also reach us at (408)515-1356, or [email protected] 

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Life Me Up Session

Are you looking for more focus so you can get ahead and better influence your family, team or clients? Are you considering a new path and looking for a new mind-set to get you there?  Maybe its time for more advanced tools and strategies to up your level of passion,  influence, and success? 

I offer a complimentary “Life Me Up” session where we talk about mastering your mind, body, and ability to be more productive, influential and fulfilled, every day of your life. 

When your mind is clear and your life is balanced, everything important stays in focus, while you lead your life into success and happiness.  It's time. 

Coaching options can be discussed during a "Life Me Up" session. 

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Advanced Life Mastery  

High Performance Life Coach

Hi, I'm Penny.  

Have you ever felt stuck and alone in a life you accidently created, and had absolutely no idea how to change it? 

Me too.  At the age of twelve, I was permanently separated from my family. I moved 23 times in the next 7 years and became a person swimming in survival mode; I felt like I was drowning. 

A friend's Mom gave me a book called "Your Erroneous Zones," by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  It changed everything.  I became an insane reader with mad desire to devour any personal development book I could find.   

I learned that people could change everything in their life by harnessing thought patterns, and understanding that our very existence is malleable.

I flew to Italy and shook hands with the Pope;  I traveled to Peru and climbed the tallest mountain; I hiked the Inca Trail and entered Machu Picchu from the ‘Gate of the Sun.’  My body was cleansed in mineral baths at the base of the Andes, and I explored the Galapagos Islands where I  experienced evolution.  I adapted and changed my mind forever.

It was in those early moments where I committed to having an extraordinary life.

I became unstuck.

We can react to life and survive its punches, or we can master our mind and be the creator of our journey.  The choice is always ours.

As a Certified High Performance Coach, I created Advanced Life Mastery to share empowering life skills, so people seeking answers can design a life they have always wanted to live.  

Whether you want a fulfilling relationship, elevated income, free time, travel, or a career change, everything you need is inside of you, and together, we will bring it to fruition for a higher level of living.


I am an Olympic Medalist. I got on top of the Olympic podium as a mother of a 3 year old going through a divorce from a husband who also happened to be my coach.  I know how to achieve my goals. I know how to get things done.  But, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that without Penny I would not have achieved the things I have achieved with her coaching. As a high achiever I always want the best and to be the best, and Penny's coaching allowed me to gain insight and focus that streamlined my processes. I learned things about myself and about new possibilities that even at the ripe old age of 40 I had not been aware of. I am forever grateful to Penny and she is now a part of my regular weekly process. For me Penny's coaching isn't just good for achieving one particular goal, it's for keeping your life balanced focused and continuously  in pole position for success. 


Tasha Danvers OLY
2 time Olympian and Olympic Medalist
USC Hall of Famer


"It is my utmost pleasure to recommend Penny as a Certified High Performance Coach.  Throughout our time coaching she made me feel confident I could move beyond fear or hesitation and go for my goals.  She brought out my best by challenging me, using humor to lighten the mood, plus created a safe and loving environment.   Her knowledge and expertise in coaching was a huge advantage.  She balances her life experiences, training and dedication to show compassion to all. She is honest and works hard for her clients, I’m grateful to have worked with her and the growth I’ve experienced as a result."   

Leann D. Hall

Life Design Coach




Penny gave me courage when I was feeling defeated and confidence to go out and take action and do what I needed to do.  Through our tapping session I was able to reframe my situation and see it from a different perspective that gave me strength and really control my voice!  And when I used that voice it gave me such an amazing and powerful confidence that it has changed my world.  Little by little one story at a time!  Thanks Penny! Xoxo

-Deana Hsu, Business Coach

Campbell, CA 


"Working with Penny has been nothing short of remarkable.  She has motivated and inspired me to become more focused on reaching goals that have been on the back burner of my personal life for years.  In just a few short weeks, she has helped me streamline my schedule and achieve a lot of headway in areas of my life that had been neglected and made me feel stuck.  It is such a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to our sessions, I always come away with new found energy and drive.

 I have learned a lot about myself and have had many aha moments while working with Penny.  She is very insightful and knowledgeable, and has a natural ability to lead and inspire.  I am looking forward to achieving the goals I have currently set for myself, and moving to the next level with Penny's help where I know the real magic begins." 

-Annie McKiernan, Commercial Insurance Broker

San Jose, CA


Penny is someone I can truly be myself with. She is very open, warm, gentle and is an understanding women. I am so blessed to be able work with her. Penny helped me to make several positive changes in my life since I started attending her coaching sessions. My self-esteem, clarity and confidence levels have improved dramatically.

I love how Penny incorporates tapping in her sessions, which is fun and energizing. She is helping me discover exactly what is holding me back from achieving the success I desire. I feel as though I am starting to gain control of my life now and the sense of empowerment is wonderful! Thank you, Penny!  


-Irina Espinoza, Web Designer, Marketing

San Jose, CA